About Me

Hi, I am Ken from Singapore. Travelling has always been in my blood as I have found out. However Life is such that in order for me to reach out to that desire, I would need to work almost 300 days a year first hahah! And it is always that moment, when the Plan for the next trip that is born, that keeps me invigorated and strong to reach the end point, where finally I can let my hair, and explore the world out there to my desire! Let’s not be a frog that lives within a well. There is much to see and learn …. nature, culture, food, people from different perspectives and appreciate the diversity out there.

What would life be without company to share the love  … (of course referring to my dear partner and the 2 little kiddos lol…), to show them and engage them beyond the boundaries of Singapore, the clean and green city of the East, very law-abiding and systematic, and just too much concrete buildings in a small land mass.  😉

My style since I started travelling has always been the way of a boy-scout, plan well in advance and be prepared. I am not so much of a backpacker, nor do I travel the extravagant ways or use travel agencies that restricts and fix travel itineraries rigidly. With a travel party of at least four, it would also means that I really have to do some serious plannings before each trip to keep travelling cost within control. I am always the Planner, the Finance Controller and the Do-er of a trip, planning overseas travel that could cater for my family and sometimes my extended family. There are always key considerations before I choose a destination, of which most importantly is family-safe and family-friendly. So you might find that activities like buggy-jump or such is seldom covered LOL 😀

So do take time to appreciate the blogs that I have written, hopefully to give you the insights to your travelling plans as well. You will find that a fair bit of the subjects I touch on are planned and suited for a family with young children. Well … that is the stage of my life that I am in, at least for now 🙂

Feel free to share your experience or comments