Bus Charter through Death Valley

United States is a vast country with unlimited sights and attractions, limited only by our imagination 🙂 Of course, being such a large country, having a reliable mode of travel is essential for covering the vast distance between point-to-point.

A good starting point would usually be at Las Vegas, a major city of entertainment, known for its casinos, retail shopping, fine dining as well as nightlife.  😎 With all its buzz of energy and fantastic lightings at night, one would probably experience streams of people milling about on the main streets enjoying the wonderful displays of light effects, music (yes, there is music indeed but I don’t remember where it came from haha!), an all surround visual and audio 360-experience! It is an experience not to be missed by anyone visiting the city of Las Vegas.

[Beautiful night scenes of Las Vegas, Photocredit Claire Gentile]

[Beautiful night scenes of Las Vegas, Photo Credit Claire Gentile]

Be sure to make your way to the Fremont Street Experience, a pedestrian mall and attraction in downtown Las Vegas. It stretches across a few blocks of Fremont Street including this wonderful gigantic overhead light display of neon and LCDs! A definite WOW when I was there the first time! After enjoying your fill of these man-made glitters and light effects, it is time to spring-board to non man-made attractions 😉  …  Death Valley National Park, just about a 100 miles away.

[Fremont Street experience in Vegas, Photo Credit Eddie 11uisma]

[Fremont Street experience in Vegas, Photo Credit Eddie 11uisma]

[A step-out view of the "Glitter Gulch" of Fremont Street]

[A step-out view of the “Glitter Gulch” of Fremont Street]

If you ask me “how do we make our way there?” My answer would be the hassle-free way for sure! Which is travelling via a bus charter, my definite definition of the desired hassle-free manner to go! And one of these lovely places to go by a bus charter while at Las Vegas is the Death Valley National Park in eastern California. Don’t presume that it is all doom and gloom at this place just because of it’s name hahah! The opposite is true instead. Here lies what I would term as a gemstone of nature’s works of art; from erosion sculptured stones and rocks to magnificently arranged landscape of hills and canyons, at times complemented by the extra “lighting effect” that makes every sight unique and individual.

[Death Valley, Zabriskie Point, PhotoCredit Punahou77]

[Death Valley, Zabriskie Point, Photo Credit Punahou77]

[Golden Canyon at Death Valley_PhotoCredit ladigue_99]

[Golden Canyon at Death Valley_Photo Credit ladigue_99]

What’s more, in springs when rainfall is more than its usual arid condition, one can even be treated to sights of wild flower blooms in this most unlikely place of heat and desert, an unexpected treat from such an unforgiving environment like this and an equivalent display of the resilience of life!

[A different perspective of Life at Death Valley in Spring, Photo CreditL Kathy]

[A different perspective of Life at Death Valley in Spring, Photo Credit: Kathy]

[Another photo of Spring flowers in Death Valley, by Paul Maxim]

[Another photo of Spring flowers in Death Valley, by Paul Maxim]

Hopping aboard the charter bus conveniently for about another 90  kilometers north-west of Death Valley is Scotty’s castle, located quite close to Grapewine Peak. Here we have a curious setting of a castle kind-of, built in the middle of a desert? Well… Though I have no idea why someone would do something like this, but this itself is a story that will be told between rounds of beers when one is here! That, is exactly what make this world unique and interesting lol!

[ Scott's Castle in the middle of a desert]

[ Scott’s Castle in the middle of a desert, Photo Credit Judith]

Yes, it can indeed be quite an experience using a chartered bus service to travel and visit the sites in United States, where one can truly relax and enjoy the luxurious ride aboard the coach and not be concerned at all about the navigation to reach the next stop point, knowing that the friendly bus captain would take care of it all 🙂 …

[ Chartering a Bus to Tour America]

[ Chartering a Bus to Tour America]

Oh … did I forget to mention that this mode of transport is also one of the best ways to train your camera on-board to catch the passing scenerys outside. To catch a good and decent shot this way, the shutter speed needs to be adjusted appropriately, an option usually available only for DLSR camera. Nevertheless, regardless of having a camera or not, one definitely has the opportunity for a visual feast of the beautiful sights that would surely pass by on the bus journey from Las Vegas to Death Valley National Park.

[Beautiful beach-side view via a chartered bus]

[Beautiful beach-side view via a chartered bus]

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