Cavorting around Punggol Park & Coney Island

To be honest, I would rather there by no hype around this Punggol area, so there would be no big crowds of people coming this way as they had when Coney Island was first opened to public on 11 October 2015. Nevertheless the hype seemed to have died down since … i think haha. And there are really interesting things that one could see around Punggol Park & Coney Island. And it is very much related to nature and wildlife here … so where there are crowds, chances are there would be nothing much to see. So I picked a timing where crowds are rare … starting my journey at about 6.30am before sunrise  😆 to see what there is to be seen.

My morning photographic journey started somewhere around the little Red Bridge, named the “Sunrise Bridge” to catch the sunrise from the East. As luck has it, today is almost a perfect wee-morning to catch a memorable dawn at the golden hour.

[Pre-Dawn lightings on the Horizon]

[Dawn lightings on the Horizon]

Followed shortly by the break of dawn, captured over the dam at the far end of the waterway with the first golden rays shone from the sun.




[Sun Rise over the Dam]

Well … shortly after this shot, behind me came a long-tail macaques (in short, means monkeys :mrgreen: ) This is the first time I have seen a macaque in Punggol Waterway for the many times that I have frequent the Waterway. It doesn’t seem very friendly to passer-bys that attempted to be too close to it. And it even had a growling match with a dog walked by an elderly man haha!

[The Macaque looking bored initially until ...]

[The Macaque looking bored initially until …]

[... it had its growling match with the dog, following the dog all the way from the top, kinda saying that "I am the King of the Bridge"]

[… it had its growling match with the dog, following the dog all the way across the bridge from the top, kinda saying that “I am the King of the Bridge”]

[If you are lucky ... a Malaysan Monitor Lizard as well spotted swimming in the waters]

[If you are lucky … a Malaysian Monitor Lizard that was spotted swimming in the waters]

Routes to Coney Island

My personal recommendation is go with a bicycle to explore, minus the ear pieces, headphones or any loud music. Use your eyes to look out for movements and ears to hear sounds around. That way, one would be more sensitive to wildlife about on Coney Island or Punggol Waterway. And the bike would enable you to travel the distance, that by foot is likely to be grueling unless you are a marathoner that doesn’t perspire in Singapore’s humid and hot weather. I am neither hahaha!

Once I crossed the Sunshine Bridge, I took the “short-cut” towards Coney Island and it’s really quiet in the morning … as peaceful or tranquility should feel like. No one in front or behind as far as the eyes can see.


And I reached the East entrance of Coney Island shortly after.


And not far into the island, less than 200metres in, I was welcomed by a “fighting-bird” show  😉  … not sure of the species, but they sure looked like fighting cocks going all the way to let “him” have it all!!! I don’t think it is mating lol! Looks too aggressive to be that.DSC_0096 DSC_0090


[This particular pose feels like one of Jackie Chan’s old Gongfu movie … “蛇形鵰手”]

Keep you eyes open for both the skies and the grounds. I came across quite many weird species of mushrooms or toadstools ?? It seemed to be quite abundant recently in many nature parks that I have gone to. And among the tall coniferous trees, try spotting one of the weaver nests that come in different shapes, sizes and color. Quite a few are hidden among them. Sometimes they do hang also from other trees. Maybe you could also spot some other unique indigenous birds as well and early morning is the best time!


[I didn't spot any Weaver birds with this Nest after observing it for some minutes]

[I didn’t spot any Weaver birds with this Nest after observing it for some minutes] 

[Here's another. Not a Weaver Nest. I suspect it's a Sunbird by its color. It's nest is smaller also]

[Here’s another. Not a Weaver Nest. I suspect it’s a Sunbird by its color. It’s nest is smaller also like a ball. And it seems to be decorating up its nest a little]

[Some type of parakeets perched high up in the coniferous trees]

[Some type of parakeets perched high up in the coniferous trees]

And on one of the officially-designated beach areas (not sure which it was), one would come across these giant stones by a small stream to the sea. Go further in to explore. Among the big stones, I spotted a few little crabbies. On closer observation, they had cute little purple pincers! There were also some unknown species of Horn Snail, the shell is like 3 finger width thick  😯

Just a little tip here … it might be wise to spread a little mosquito repellant before approaching such areas to avoid being the human feed of stealthy mozzies here about.DSC_0108






Further up this isolated stream, is an isolated beach. Spotted a group of wild dogs (about five of them) playing on the beach and soaking up the seawater. They stopped as soon as they spotted me. One even went as far as to take a few steps forward to bark at me … as if to say “Stay Away. This is Private Family Gathering only” haha. They didn’t look aggressive, nor did I try to antagonize them. But they stopped playing. And resume only after I left … heard their barks from some distance … that’s also how I found them in the first place haha!


DSC_0120It has a nice stretch of beach too, opposite the playing grounds of the wild dogs though I didn’t explore in this direction. I am sure there is much more to be seen. Besides this write-up isn’t meant to be a comprehensive guide to Coney Island or the surrounding Punggol areas. There is much to be seen in this nature area for nature-interested travellers who has some time to spare… before part of this Coney Island gives way too to urban development though I have no idea when. But I will be sure to be back again soon … in the wee-morning hours where there is few human traffic  😉

Feel free to share your experience or comments