Krabi – A boat stop to Paradise …

Koh Poda_by the beach

[Beautiful morning at the beach by Ko Poda or Poda Island]

When we first picked Krabi as a travelling destination, we were hoping that it would be less commercialized and developed than Phuket. Well … it was half-true anyway lol. Krabi town is pretty much laid-back and rustic but as we approach Ao Nang where the beaches are, we start to see some similarities in terms of crowd. Whilst Krabi-Ao Nang area is probably still less expensive and developed than Phuket at the moment, with the packs of tourists coming year-on-year, I suspect that it should not be long before we will seeing Krabi go the way that Phuket did …. commercialization.

Nevertheless, Krabi currently is definitely still a good spring-board location to jump-visit the islands close by. Other than the tropical heat, the islands like Ko Phi Phi, Bamboo island, Ko Lanta, Hong island to name a few, have beautiful turquoise-like water that is very clear. I am not sure if these are the benefits of the islands being located in Andaman Sea, but one thing for sure, those that like scuba diving or snorkeling would definitely appreciate the abundance of colorful fishes abound underwater.

[A standing cliff-like island right in front]

[A standing cliff-like island right in front Poda island]

Poda Island - by the shore

[Turquoise-clear beach water … did I mention that there were abundance of zebra-like fishes in the water that kinda swim so close that one could feel the pecks from their mouth if standing still 😀 … it was almost like having a session of fish therapy hahaha! ]

One could take the longboats featured in the earlier photos to island hop. There are various island hopping itineraries that are available to choose from most notably island tour to Ko Phi Phi (which could be alittle crowded since groups of tourists would also be coming from Phuket), Hong islands, and the 4-Island hopping (Chicken Island (Koh Gai), Tub Island (Koh Tup), Koh Mawr and Koh Poda). For us, as we had children with us, we opted for the family-friendly tour which were mostly scenic, beach, and a little opportunity to snorkel.

[The island is named Chicken Island because it has a feature that looks like a chicken head! ]

[The island is named Chicken Island because it has a feature that looks like a chicken head! ]


[Koh Tup … sounds to me like Tub Island hahaha! It is connected from Chicken Island by a sandbar that can be crossed at low tide]


[This is the sand bar crossing to Koh Tup, also called Talay Whak. Be warned crossing barefooted across the sandbar could be painful for the soles. There seemed to be numerous broken tiny shells on the walk across. So if keeping your shoes dry is important, then wear something that you could afford to get wet with.]

[Snorkeling at Krabi ... whatever the spot that was, there were plenty of sea urchins underneath us! ]

[Snorkeling at Krabi … whatever the spot that was, there were plenty of sea urchins underneath us! ]

Beyond the sun, the water, the island beaches, and the seaside …. Krabi also boosts a unique Emerald pool and hotspring. Both are naturally wonders that can be found at Krabi. Why does the Emerald Pool looks green … I heard that it is due to high copper content in the water. Scientifically, yes, soluble copper does turns water into greenish-blue, but I am not sure that it is not due to the growth of moss around the pool that made it rather slippery to walk on especially the sides to the pool. So it could also be the moss giving it the color, but of course I could be wrong too  😆

The hotspring, located a few minutes drive away from the Emerald Pool, is hidden in a nice forested path within a few minutes walk from the parking area. There is a series of pools that seem to be formed by the giant roots of the trees and water-smoothen rocks that one could jump in with clothes or swimming apparels. The top pools are kinda warm but not really hot … so its comfortable to just find a comfortable spot and chill out  😎

The warm spring water overflows down into another larger pool below. I made my splash below from the warm spring water on top. Yikes! It was cold hahaha! Not just cold, but squirmy and squashy below … seemingly made of decomposed leaves lying at the bottom of the lower pool. Nope it didn’t feel too good with the squashy walk and the cold temperature and wasn’t long before I scrambled back up into the comforts of the warmer spring water.

[A amazingly green emerald pool for the swim. Photo Credit:]

[An amazingly green emerald pool for the swim. Photo Credit:]

[Hot Spring - Photo Credit:]

[Warm Hot Spring with water flowing from somewhere within the jungle – Photo Credit:]

I wouldn’t have called this trip to Thailand if I didn’t visit one of their temples, where Krabi has a famous Tiger Cave Temple, also called Wat Tham Suea Temple. Equally famous is the flight of 1237 steps to the mountain top to view the Buddhas seated atop!

[Thai Buddha Statues at Wat Tham Suea Temple]

[Thai Buddha Statues at Wat Tham Suea Temple]

[The 1237 flight of stairs up into the Mountain Top behind]

[The 1237 flight of stairs up into the Mountain Top behind]

It was definitely an effortful climb up the numerous number of steps. I remember making it all the way up …. but I didn’t get to see any giant buddha statues. Maybe this was not the correct flight of stairs  🙄

What I saw was another forested area (after the flight of stairs up, there was another flight going down …. no wonder I never made it up to the top lol! )

[Forested Area after the flight of stairs up and then down ...]

[Forested Area after the flight of stairs up and then down …]

Budhha by the Cave

[Seated Buddha by the Cave Wall]

There were a few caves with Buddha statues within, but during then, I didn’t have a good enough camera capable of capturing good photos under poor lightings, which was a pity. But I did managed to capture a magnificent shot of a seated Buddha beside a Cave wall, with devotees praying in front.

The next time if I make my way to the Tiger Cave Temple, I will be sure to bring a better camera which I already have, and that I will find the correct flight of stairs then can bring me to the top of the mountain  😉


  • Mr. Ken! I would like to recommend to you to add Philippines in your travel list. We have too many tourist spots here like beaches and mountains to do trailing etc. I highly recommend Palawan Philippines, Batanes, Caramoan Islands (place where different editions of survivors are taken), Calaguas Islands, and Boracay. 😀 Thank you sir 😀

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