Travel Information

Below are links to information sorted by the City Name or Province Name from A to Z order available on the internet that I believe would be useful for would-be travellers to these destination. This would get you the information that you need, when you need, to make your travelling decisions.

~~ JAPAN ~~


  • Fares and Charges of Shinkansen <JR East> (EN)
  • Japan Rail Pass – All the information you need to know on its condition of use, and eligibility requirements (JP, EN, CN, KR), alternative information link (EN)
  • Japan Railway Travel Fares & Timetable by HyperDia (JP, EN, CN)
  • Stored Value Cards (Prepaid IC Cards) – Suica, Pasmo, Icoca, Pitapa, etc, which card can be used in which areas and more information (EN)






~~ Singapore ~~


Gardens By the Bay

Alive Museum

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