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Hi my friend,

Just wanted to share with you that creating a blog is definitely not hard. It can be done by anyone with or without IT skills. With a little more patience and time, your blog can be definitely made much more inspiring and informative to attract more readers … which brings us to a few key points …

What would be your objective for setting up a blog or a travel blog? Would it be a personal sharing just with your close group of family and good friends, or would it be to share your personal experiences with the wider community on internet and other social mediums, and to eventually explore making your blog into something more useful. If the objective is just a personal sharing with your close group community, then WordPress is the way to go to do it free. However if the wider objective is to share your interesting experiences with strangers on the internet, my personal experience recommends to go for Bluehost for many good reasons that I have experience first hand …

1. There are limited themes (webpage design and layout) available for use in a standard free WordPress – if you want to be able to freely express yourself, your blog will need to reflect who you are and what you are. I have done it this way and it didn’t take me long to realize that I needed to switch to something better

2. A free WordPress ain’t able to use plug-ins that allow your site to have more capabilities like mobile-compatibility, more detail visitor analytics information, more font features, indexing your blog better with search engines, etc…

3. An eventual hassle to migrate your blog from the original free site to the new site that would take a fair bit of work and time on yourself to make sure your old posts are transferred over, your followers, the comments made on your old posts … and getting the service provider to do it for you is not free. Yes … it took me quite awhile here to get everything settled down, something I hope you need not have to go through too.

The lists goes on …. keeping my blabbering short haha … if you choose Bluehost per my recommendation (that is as cheap as just $5.95 per month for 12 mths or better at $3.95 per month for 36 mths, with online support just a few minutes away if you need some help along the way).

Finding a Domain Name: Next thing is to come up with is an interesting name for your very own Blog! I will leave that to you to decide, the name that expresses yourself best, and is likely to be something that hooks readers and is easy to remember. Next is to check if the name you have chosen is still available for use.

If your first choice of the name of your blog is available, FANTASTIC !!!

Now getting on to the real stuff to create your blog, click on Get Started Now:

Getting Started with Bluehost

Next, select your plan based on your preference:

Select your PlanThen choose your domain name. A Domain name verification of availability would be done concurrently by Bluehost.


Once domain name is confirmed, you will be taken to a page where you will need to fill up your personal particulars and decide on your package and add-ons:


You could choose from the starter account plan for a period of 12mths, 24mths or 36mths, the longer period being cheaper at $5.95 for 12mths, $4.95 for 24mths and $3.95 for 36mths. Depending on how ready you are to invest your time into your blog, you could choose the plan that suits you best.

For the add-ons, Domain Privacy Protection … I would strongly recommend. You wouldn’t want anyone looking up at who owns this website to come knocking on your door knowing exactly who lives where.

The rest of the add-ons are options really… I use the Google XML Sitemaps free to have search engines better index my page rather than Search Engine Jumpstart. With regards to backup, there are alternative plugs in that come free. I use the UpdraftPlus Backup/Restore that is able to backup my site per my determined frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, etc), the files to backup and where to backup to.

Now that you have signed up, next is to get your first blog out!

Setting up your WordPress 


WordPress is one of the easiest and largest publishing platform used commonly for many bloggers. Alternatively there is Weebly. But personally I prefer and use WordPress too. Click on WordPress to start the installation. Then direct the installation to your new website, example:

Upon completing installation, take note of where to access and login to your WordPress. Generally by default it would be yourdomainname/wp-admin (example: You would then be able to log-in to your WordPress as seen below.

Wordpress Login

Now you are Ready to create your first post on your blog!!! Do remember that All Great Things starts with the First Tiny Step. Be patient, Be Consistent …it will not be long before you reap your first readers  😉


May the Force Be With You


[NoteThere are links on this page that are affiliate links, that will at no cost to you, earn me a small commission to sustain the cost of keeping this website healthy and useful. Regardless of whether I am paid commission or not, I personally only recommend products that I have used and find that it’s good. If you have any feedbacks or questions about these products, feel free to let me know.

Cheers!  😉 ]

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