The magical Shire, and Hobbiton, the home of the Hobbits

For the fans of JRR Tolkien, there is no better way to fulfill that fan-manship than by making at least one mystical trip to the Hobbiton to witness personally the grassy hills and the Hobbit Holes where it was featured in both the the film sets of “The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey” and “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. The Movie Set located at Matamata, Waikato region of the North Island is a district literally of rolling green hills when we drove up from the steamy geothermal city of Rotorua!

Hobbiton Movie Set Tours

[At the entrance to Hobbiton]

[At the entrance to Hobbiton]

[The view of the Hobbiton from across the Lake]

[The view of the Hobbiton from across the Lake]

For a moment, upon stepping into Hobbit-land, it was like we were magically transported to another dimension away from the 21st century, into another JRR Tokkien’s dimension where mystical creatures like Hobbits, Wizards, Elves, Dwarfs exist. One could almost imagine walking the same footsteps of Bilbo Baggins, Frodo and Gandalf.

[Gandalf at the Shire welcoming us]

[Gandalf at the Shire welcoming us … or is he haha!]

And yes, the most famous Hobbit Hole with the gate signage of “No Admittance except on party business” 😀 Just short of meeting Frodo or Bilbo at their Hobbit holes haha!

Hobbiton Movie Set Tours

[A clip from the Movie with Frodo nailing the No Admittance signage]

[A clip from the movie with Frodo nailing the No Admittance signage]

[Gandalf at Bilbo Baggin's Hobbit Hole]

[Gandalf at Bilbo Baggin’s Hobbit Hole]

[And the beautiful Hobbit Hole of Bilbo & Frodo Baggins]

[And the beautiful Hobbit Hole of Bilbo & Frodo Baggins]



[More Beautiful Hobbit Holes]

In fact, there were numerous Hobbit Holes that were gorgeous! Big and small to be factual and apparently with a reason. The small Holes were used during the filming to show the relative size of tall humans to the short accommodations of Hobbits, whereas the tall Holes were used filming Hobbits entering or leaving their holes as a visual comparison of sizes.

Below is a human giant sitting right at the Hobbit Hole entrance … and that’s me! Can’t imagine myself squeezing into the small claustrophobic hole hehe!


And human Hobbits standing at their full height and still not touching the ceiling of the Hobbit Holes …. seems like there could really be Hobbits around isn’t it? Nah … I hate to break it, but its just an optical illusion  😆


And does anyone remembers Bilbo in “The Hobbit”, 1st episode of this trilogy, jumping over the fence to catch up with the Dwarf party after reading the contract overnight given to him by Thorin Oakenshield? Bilbo runs with Contract

Bilbo Jumps Fence_The Hobbit1

Yup, below is the exact location of where Bilbo leaped over the fence. Apparently, the guide warned us not to try this haha! The reason? Many humans have attempted this Hobbit feat and with a few landing face flat on the other side. Hmmm … its seems us humans need to practice a little bit more on jumping. It’s hard to believe that the short Hobbits could jump clear a fence that some humans can’t haha!


And we have the fabulous Dragon Inn where Frodo, Sam, Merry & Pippin gathered both before their adventure and after to share their exploits, as well as Gandalf & Frodo in the beginning of “The Fellowship of the Ring” when Gandalf first arrived at Hobbiton that was preparing to celebrate Bilbo’s 100th birthday.

Hobbiton Movie Set Tours

[Gandalf & Frodo approaching the Dragon Inn in LOTR]

[Gandalf & Frodo on a horse carriage approaching the Dragon Inn in LOTR]

[Green Dragon Inn]


[Green Dragon Inn]

Many amazing and fabulous Hobbit architectures to be honest. And I have definitely more great photos to share though I have to keep a lid on otherwise I could just easily bust this posting with just photos and nothing else  😎

To be factual, there were other great sites in New Zealand that the movies were filmed from, but I had no idea I was at those sites either until much later when I bought the Location Guidebook. As an example, the Kawarau River, where many goes for the Bungy Jump is actually another site of the filming from the Lord of the Rings. Of course, the exact point is not at the bungy jumping area but somewhere opposite, at the entrance road to Chard Farm Vineyard. And the Pillars of the Kings were computer-generated into the background mountains seen at this site.

[Kawarau River]

[Kawarau River at the Bungy Jump area]

[Pillars of the Kings in LOTR]

[Pillars of the Kings in LOTR]

Personally, I got the Location Guidebooks in New Zealand only after the Hobbiton visit but didn’t had the time to read the books until I am well back home in Singapore. I can’t say that that was the best decision I have made haha! But on hind-thoughts, I should have got it early, read through it, before going to New Zealand. Well …. I guess these plans would have to stay until my next trip to New Zealand  😉

In addition, there were also some really exquisite Lord of the Ring jewelleries that were really worth getting your hands on, maybe even the board games as presents to young fans of LOTR. The lists goes on …

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